“I first met Gary at MWW 2012 when I had a break in my schedule and decided to pop into his seminar. I’d never had the opportunity to sit in on a workshop at a writer’s conference since usually I’m the one working with writers! I’m so happy I had that downtime for an hour because sitting in on his workshop was fascinating! I just knew I had to ask him for a card and encourage my authors to visit his web site and read articles he had written.

Gary has a way of explaining a very complicated (and scary to most!) topic (TAXES) and making it seem very accessible and easy(ier) to do. He encourages authors that taxes, while daunting, is not the most horrible thing in the world and that authors are more than capable of doing it — and doing it right. He breaks down the process step-by-step and answers any questions asked.

In a nutshell: Gary rocks. And is an excellent teacher. And hilarious. And authors will leave his workshop no longer feeling like this, but feeling like this.”

Kathleen Ortiz, Director of Subsidiary Rights / Literary Agent; New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc., New York, NY


“I attended a session taught by Gary Hensley at the Midwest Writers Workshop in 2011 and was genuinely impressed.  I learned several things I had not previously known about my taxes and business tax deductions because Gary’s lecture was specifically directed at writers and tax issues writers are likely to have.  It would behoove anyone in the writing business–particularly someone just getting started–to hear what Mr. Hensley has to say.”

Mike Lawson, Author of the Joe DeMarco Thriller Series


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