List of Business Trip Deductions $$$

While you are in the process of summarizing your 2012 business expenses, this will be a good time to review those items that are deductible, as a self-employed business professional, while on business trips away from home:

  • Plane, railroad, taxi and other transportation fares between your home and your business destination.
  • Hotel and other lodging facilities.  You need receipts or similar evidence for lodging expenses.
  • Meal costs.  You may claim your actual meal costs if you maintain records, or you may use the standard meal allowance.  Whichever method you use, only 50% of the unreimbursed meal costs are deductible.
  • Tips, telephone, and telegraph costs.
  • Laundry and cleaning expenses.
  • Baggage charges (including insurance).
  • Cab fares or other costs of transportation to and from the airport or station and your hotel.
  • Entertainment expenses incurred while traveling away from home are deductible subject to restrictions, including the 50% deduction limit. [Read “Deductible Business Entertainment Expenses“]

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